"... az emberek nem a boldogságra, a szabadságra vagy az igazságosságra törekednek, hanem - mindenek előtt és felett - a biztonságra."

[Thomas Hobbes, 1588-1679]

"Semmi sem annyira gyakorlati, mint egy jó elmélet!"

[Ludwig Boltzmann 1844-1906]

Érdeklődési terület: Természeti és társadalmi folyamatok, rendszerek kockázatelemzése, kockázatkezelése. Kiemelten - funkcionális fenntarthatóság, stratégiai tervezés, felsőoktatás és tudományos kutatás, tudomány- és kutatásmenedzsment, tudományos kommunikáció.
Kutatási területek: Extremitások logikai kockázatelemezése, fenntartható közigazgatás, kritikus infrastruktúra védelem, sejtautomata kutatás, konfliktus elemzés.
After graduating from Donát Bánki Machine Industry Technical School, Budapest and earning his qualification of safety technology and fire engineer in Moscow, he had been employed in the field of industrial safety, fire protection, civil protection and disaster management. He was retired in position of fire-fighter major general and national commander, following that, he was civil servant. He defended his candidate’s thesis of technical sciences in 1984 and the habilitated doctoral degree in military technical sciences in 2004. In 2007 he was appointed university professor, since 1 March 2009. He is Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Presently he is working both for a National University of Public Service in Budapest as Professor and Institute Leader and for John Wesley College as a leader of Environment Safety Department. Currently he is dealing with a special high education and research projects on the territory of

• public management
• quality management
• safety innovation improvement in the field of fire protection,
• civil protection and
• disaster management

Beside above professional jobs he is still working, teaching and publishing scientific research continuously. He is also member of numerous scientific organizations, for example „Preparation for the Climate Change” Sub-committee at the Environmental Science Committee of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Hungarian Law Enforcement Science Company should be highlighted. He is also playing a very important role as a writer and editor of more than 30 books and lecture notes and 140 scientific publications